I miss when crossplay was optional

Never wanted it, never asked for it.


It’s that simple, would be able to avoid alot of issues.


Can’t you do this in ranked right now?

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Yes, but only in ranked. It also limits your Fireteam size.


Forced crossplay is terrible.


No you can’t. You can only limit by input. But you can still get controller players on PC, or KBM players on Xbox.

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So if you want to play with the same input, it is solo/duo only, right? Also, it is input based, not PC/console?

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It’s only allows you to filter input methods, not platforms.

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Oh, that answers my question. Thanks.

Should be optional for sure. Only issue you’re avoiding is cheaters, though people can still cheat on xbox, just less common.

That’s correct. It’s Solo/Duo only and it is input based.

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The disadvantages of forced cross play between PC and Console -

The team with the PC player wins.


I miss when developers cared about making a quality type of game and you got a decent amount of content.

Nowadays it’s all about less content max profit.


I guess it’s true under diam level, for the high level players controller aim assist is dominating with no doubt.

I play Halo since 2003 and reached Onyx, in KBM queue even at 1800SR people miss some bullets.

In open queue, dueling 1v1 a controller player that is diam 6 or onyx is almost impossible to win with my mouse and keyboard.

But as you here are all controllers players OR are low ranked players, you will never understand, I guess.


Crossplay being optional fixes that problem.

Mice and controller are in their own leagues in terms of competitive play.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.


What’s going to happen is that controllers players will get busted turning off crossplay, then realize that the problem was not KBM players, because it is really not.

343 know that and that’s why they did not put this option, also MKB players will not use it because the population is too low, trust me KBM players would be the ones that benefit the most of this feature if it’s implanted in the future

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I will happily wait for an even fight.

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Good for you. You’re wrong.

The problem isn’t with the inputs. It’s with crossplay. Would you be crying about controller players if crossplay didn’t exist and you had a switch for MnK players only?

No. Would controller players cry if crossplay didn’t exist? No. The very introduction of this gimmicky feature has tarnished the comp scene. Everyone’s skill is being called into question for simple choosing their aiming peripherals. By idiots.

It’s obnoxious and I don’t like it. Just turn your computer/console off and touch grass. Just stop playing the game.

There’s no aim assist out to hurt you in real life.


Turn crossplay off for ranked sure, but I still want crossplay for socials. I don’t really wanna wait too long to just get into a casual match.

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Pretty much, BAttlefeild 2042 and Halo Infinite are bare bones games with most of the standard content from previous games stripped away. Either to never be brought back or brought back in a drip feed content delivery.

Halo Infinite doesn’t even feel like a live service. Someone post in another topic how it feels like a static Multiplayer more than anything. The events are generic and in interesting at best.


This is exactly the answer of someone who play the input that is overpowered, i bet 100 dolls.

There is no enough KBM players, putting crossplay option will kill the game for KBM users. Yes fights are not fair for us but at least we can match with people.

If the inputs were fair, then maybe more people would play mouse and keyboard, and then everyone would be happy turning crossplay off, but for the moment, KBM population is too low to put this option on the game.