I miss the Vehicle Variety :(

Remember when Halo had vast maps built around vehicles. What happened to that?

Halo 1 introduced the Tank, Warthog, Ghost, in multiplayer 3 Vehicles and it wasn’t so bad

Halo 1 for the PC introduced the Banshee, Rocket Warthog, it’s okay many maps were small but it was a start.

Halo 2 brought in more Covenant Vehicles remember the weak Spectre sure it may not have killed fast but I liked the Turbo Covenant Warthog counterpart, then you finally got to use the Wraith which in turn was cool added more variety. Let’s not forget the introduction of the Guass Warthog in it’s broken glory but come on it made maps like Terminal fun. I even liked things like the Heretic Banshee skin color on Quarantine.

Halo 3 was like the vehicle king. You had the Warthog, Guass Warthog, Tank, Wraith, Ghost, Banshee and now you had the Brute Vehicles. You had the Brute Chopper which wrecked anything caught in that beast’s way. Then you had the Prowler which replaced the Spectre. But my favor part had to be an introduction of a flying Human Vehicle, the Hornet. Come on Capture the Flag if all your Warthog’s were Battling you had an Air Force that could be used for Objectives and Offensive abilities. Then the Elephant though slow was fun to drive around for fun I mean it was a drivable base. Then you also had the more agile but frail Mongoose it was fun to splatter people with it.

Halo: Reach it was like they forgot about how important some vehicles were but we did get a whole new Air Vehicle. The Falcon with it’s Multi Gun turrets. We had our equivalent to the Halo Wars Wolverine, the Missile Warthog! We also got the Revenant which was like a mini Wraith I kind of saw no real need for it maybe for objectives. The thing is they got rid of the majority of the vehicles from Halo 3 which I can understand but you know I think of Reach I think of the book. A huge battle on a Fortress World, you’d think Reach would have at least the 2nd most vehicles compared to the Battle of Earth.

Halo 4 the only new vehicle I see was the Mantis and that made me sad. Almost all of the Vehicles from 3 and Reach are gone. I mean the Campaign offered 2 new vehicles the Pelican Gunship and the Broadsword. Which I understand would be overpowered but come on. Why get rid of so many vehicles, we have all these large maps like Ragnorak and Exile but there is almost little to no Vehicle movement.

I know many will say Vehicles probably mean nothing in competitive play but we have an Armor Specialization dedicated to vehicles and there are not that many to choose from. Remember Maps like Sandtrap? You can not tell me you didn’t see the Vehicles being used, sometimes I feel as if the Spartan Laser was built just for maps like that. I hope the armor abilities were to make up for lost vehicles. Maybe in the next Halo game we will see more vehicle variety but with such small amount of vehicles I understand why most people just cross map with the long range weapons. The DMR still destroys Vehicles in Reach and 4.

I know right?

The only thing they added was a mech!?!

It would have been great to see choppers and Revenants back.

It doesn’t help though that the big maps are all cluttered anyway, for real vehicle combat we need more maps like Valhalla and Sandtrap back.

I’d love for a Sandtrap remake, I mean it wont be the same but man, all the crossmapping might ruin it.

Pelican Assault Mode…

That is one thing I am hoping appears in Spartan Ops. The Pelican Gunship has four slots (pilot, co-pilot/cannon, 2 x side gunners)/

One thing about the side gunners though. Is it me or would they end up like spam in a can, cooked due to being too near the vertical and main engine thrusters.

“This is good, I can see everyone from here when we take off. It’s going to be totally aweso… ARRRGGGHHHTURNITOFFTURNITOFFITBURNSITBURNS!!!”

Must have been Caboose who designed it.

I actually would like to see that monster in Spartan Ops, even a final mission with the Broadsword protecting the Infinity and Frigates.

Come on two people alone can’t agree on the decline of vehicles in Halo lately.

Starting a thread here and actually discussing it is a rare occurrence I’m afraid.

Moan a little bit, say something like “343 are terrible, why add a crappy mech instead of bringing back all the other awseome things?!” then people will be interested.

If it’s not a complaint then people won’t discuss it, thats the way the forum is I’m afraid…