I miss the red x over a dead teammate

Really bothers me that the marker only shows where your team is.

Should change color when fighting and turn into a red x when you die. Taking this out was a mistake and it needs to be put back in.

Anyone else agree?

I don’t. Really annoying to hear, “One shot my X! I’m totally MLG!”.

im not sure bout you, but there are red x’s on dead teammates on the map. lol im can confirm this in slayer, maybe you’re playing another playlist?

Well, they currently place a yellow X on your dead buddies’ corpses on your radar. This is a highly inferior replacement for the red X and much like grenade indicators (WARNING, THIS TINY GRENADE IS RIGHT BESIDE YOU! WALK TO YOUR LEFT! HURR DURR) are something that should have been left alone.

Agreed I miss it too.

I also miss your teammates service tag flashing yellow when under attack

I do miss this, if weapons staying on the field longer is fixed this would need to be as well so you can tell your team where weapons are. Things such as telling your team where sniper, rockets, shotty, or the enemy wraith about to bomb the -Yoink- out of your friends, are at.

agreed i miss this too. o:

I miss this as well. Now when my teammate dies, he just disappears and I have no idea where he died if I wasn’t looking directly at his Service Tag the whole time.

2 GUYS ONE SHOT ON MY…oh…nevermind.

Yes. The X’s were infinitely helpful. I can’t understand why they were removed. Sure there are X’s on your radar, however if you are in range of X of a teammate 9 times out of 10 you will be close enough to see the person that killed your teammate. And the rest of the time it will be a crossmap kill. The kind of kill that didn’t warrant an callout.

Yeah, I don’t see why that was removed. I keep saying “I died with a sniper on my… oh, it’s by the, er, the big rock. Nevermind.”

> I don’t. Really annoying to hear, “One shot my X! I’m totally MLG!”.

What has this to do with MLG. And what kind of an argument is this anyway, lol. I’m no MLG player or pro but the red X for dead teammates is actually an important information every good working team/group uses.

It needs to come back.

I never found On my X to be a good call out. Mainly because you are dead by the time you decided to callout when you should be calling out at most time when necessary so your team mates can help you before it gets to that point.

It can also be confusing when there are multiple xs on the screen. I don’t miss exactly miss the moments where some randoms would scream at you because you missed their X callout when your screen is filled with them.

Time to learn actual callouts of the maps, looks like that’s 343s intention with the removal of dat red X.

Despite it’s major flaws, i am minority here who thinks it’s a flawed callout. If 343 brought it back, i wouldn’t mind as that seems to be quite popular with the less competitive crowd who can’t be bothered to try hard (let alone learn simple callouts). Gotta keep that try-hard hate alive amirite?

That red X was really only useful if a teammate was close by, like, close enough to see you get killed. Any other time the enemy will be ducking under cover to recover. That call out can even hurt your teammate by makign them think that an easy kill is close by and sending them into a full team.

You know what call out in Reach was better? This one time I said over the mic, “Hey watch out Sniper, a guy is sneaking up on you for an assassination”. Who promptly turned around and shoved a shotgun down his throat then thanked me.

Needs to come back

The two things that I miss from other Halo games:

  1. A teammate’s X
  2. Grenades that do damage

I totally agree! Sometimes it’s really hard to use regular callouts since a lot of things in certain maps look really similar. I don’t think removing them really encourages people to learn callouts. It just encourages them to not say anything at all.

Yes I miss the red X to I keep saying it but its not there. Not like that sniper rifle I had would still be there before my team could get it anyway

I keep forgetting its not there and telling people about power weapons being on my x.

There was a big topic on this yesterday. Basically it has been determined with instant respawns and weapon drops on HUD the X’s are out.