I miss the old Waypoint

I do enjoy the overall new look and format of the Waypoint site (not the forums) but I really miss a lot of the features from the old Waypoint.

  • Spartan Companies missing

  • Detailed Halo 5 campaign stats gone, including LASO info

  • Halo Wars 2 stats missing

  • Achievement lists for all games missing

  • Detailed stats for legacy games gone

We also don’t have very much in the way of Infinite stats yet.
This site has improved since last year, but there’s such a long way to go.

What do you miss from the old site?


I only like the dark theme.

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I think I miss Personal Messages most of all, but generally speaking I much preferred the old forum system and legacy titles’ stat tracking.

I do appreciate the expected kills & deaths tracking alongside the actual kills & deaths for Infinite in the new waypoint app.


I definitely like that we have an app now, for sure.
And the new things we have are great. They don’t replace the missing stuff though, unfortunately.


their update sucks. big bargjob on this one, they have NO campaign stats for infinite either. they barged up, big league.


This version of Waypoint, both the forums and main website are pathetically shallow

there is so much missing functionality and too many bugs that haven’t been addressed since they’ve been found.


I miss just about EVERYTHING from the old Waypoint. Especially the ability to change your H5 Spartan’s armor on the fly.


Halo Universe.
A lot of things have disappeared.
I want to see the old canon fodder.


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Waypoint should have an ingame app just like the 360 days.

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On the topic of Waypoint - while this isn’t an old feature, how cool would it be to have MCC Exchange and Challenge info listed on Waypoint?

Imagine being able to monitor your challenge progress here, just like Infinite, and how we did with Halo Wars 2! And to unlock items using our SP as well, just like you could buy req packs for H5.

Somehow 343 made a darkmode version of waypoint that looks worse than the flashbang lightmode that old waypoint was. Plus the removed functionality. I wanted to get a dopamine boost from checking out my old spartan company and messaging everyone in it for a Halo Infinite get-together, just to find it was erased. Some community live service game this is.


It doesn’t even track my stats properly. Apparently, I have a win rate in Infinite of 14% out of nearly 1000 matches, and have only ever won 1 game of Stockpile – with a grand total of 3 power seeds collected for the gamemode. Meanwhile, I have a screenshot on my Xbox that shows I deposited 13 seeds in a single game, and my team unsurprisingly won that match. This might come as a shock, but I know I’ve won more than that one match, because I won another Stockpile match that same day.

I don’t think there’s anything in particularly that I like more. Certainly not enough to have done away with what there was.

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