I miss the old game types

You know what? Nearly all of the game types in halo 5 has 1 thing in common, they are all slayer based.

When will a gametype like living dead, flood, infection and zombie ghost be released on halo 5? Please make an online gametype for this mode. DO NOT make it available for just a weekend!!! When the best gamemodes are available, Im not able to play Halo 5 that weekend. Its a great function. We dont get bored of all the game types right away.

Im getting bored of playing the same game type over and over in halo 5. All of the game types is slayer. Where is grifball, oddball, dominion and so on.
These game modes are my favorite gametypes in halo. I have always been good at them. My csr on flood was 41 and that was my best. My high skill on flood was 49. My rank in halo reach living dead was high skill 50g3. In both flood and living dead, I was once among the top 500 players. Since I got a xbox one, I am now among the top 1000. Infection was also in halo 3 and it was great. How can you just not add one of the best gamemodes in halo 5? I dont care which of these gamemodes you make, but please make one of them for halo 5.

I would like to see these game types:

  • Grifball - Dominion - Oddball - Living Dead/ infection/ flood/ zombie ghost - Multi team - Ninja assassins - Team Action Sack - Team Doubles and team snipers (not just available for a weekend, but forever. Me and my friend like team doubles and we are good at it. When this is available for a weekend, we arent able to play it together)
    TIP: I like zombie ghost the least.


Add splitscreen in halo 6