I miss the music

So I was just watching the Anniversary Trailer of Halo CE and reminded me how much I loved the CE Music and soundtrack. I really hope 343 makes some very good passioned music that fits Halo Xbox One very well because if you watch the trailer the music gives me a lot of chills.

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1J3z_2Uep8

That anniversary remake of the Halo theme is so weak and empty. It sickens me that someone was paid to make it.

I do love the original soundtracks though, they are unbeatable.

A large aspect of Halo’s reputation revolves around the music. Its sad that 343i took much of the vibe away under the excuse that “its too traditional”. IMO that should leave that decision to the composers who actually understand music, or even the fans who have long appreciated the feel that it gives.
100% agree with this thread…Halo music has to return. It has been sorely missed since ODST :frowning:

The Halo theme was never that great to me. It’s definitely nostalgic, but that doesn’t necessarily make something good. That said, I don’t much care for the direction Neil Davidge took with Halo 4’s soundtrack.

Halo 3 had the best soundtrack in my opinion. I’d love nothing more than for Marty O’Donnel to return, but I know that’s not likely.

Clint Mansell anyone?

> Clint Mansell anyone?

He is good. But he isn’t really Halo material. Unless Cortana’s ghost starts to wander around.

Reach FTW.

Too soon?