I miss the little things...

-Like fusion coils and explosives on maps, hitting one of those with a well-timed shot and sending a group of blue team across the map in flaming bits.

-I miss destructible items such as the outer casing on the gravity lifts of Midship, the hanging stalagmites of Waterworks and the hanging flowerpots of Ivory Tower.

-Or even something as simple as a button that lowers a gate, such a simple idea made BTB objective games so much more interesting. Having to protect a switch that could potentially mean the difference between a winning game or defeat at the hands of a Warthog driver who slips in through the back gate.

Little details like that in maps used to make me happy, geometry, weapon placement and vehicles are given but the little interactions with maps really made them feel alive. Not just a static arena for us to fight but little bits of the Halo world that we were allowed to experience.

I miss nading weapons, CE style.


I agree, they were very useful, a lot of the times it was my first objective to just open the gate on High Ground.

I miss Containment, that map had nice teleporters and switches to open the huge gates.

I miss the ar having 60 rounds and Magnum having 12

I agree. First things I thought of were Containment and High Ground. Good times.

i miss map control, both having it, and fighting for it.

i miss even encounters where it was my skill that decided the outcome, and not who happened to get a rocketlauncher sent to his feet first.

i miss when power weapons were actually rare, usually limited to 3 per map not including some niche power weapons that had a specific role aka shotty, now i end up in games where there are 16 power weapons in the hands of players.

i miss vehicle combat actually being posssible, but now it’s all plasma pistol plasma grenade secondarys.

i miss vehicles having more situational awareness thanks to a extended camera veiw, now all vehicles are -Yoinking!- huge and take up most of my screen space.

i miss competitve gameplay period, halo 4 mm has become nothing but unbalanced frustration thanks to poorly designed maps, lack of map control, weapon unbalance, and power weapon over abundence (seriously there are more power weapons in game, than non power weapons.)

Your post has saddened me.

You can still play prior Halo games… (((((Shrugs)))))

Yes I sure can, and I do! I enjoy it but I wish that 343 or Certain affinity, or whoever does the maps would remember to add little bits of personality to their maps.

yes i can still play halo 3, and halo reach, however, that doesn’t mean i shouldn’t criticise halo 4, i love the series and i want to see it flourish, what i do not want to see is it become a call of duty style yearly release where little changes, and it maintains certain flaws which take it from being the halo we love, into a futureistic call of duty with a halo title slapped onto it.

i miss the things from past halos, both things that defined and set it apart from other shooters, and the little things, such as map interaction, i miss them all, and i, and thousands of other players miss these things as well, should not my response be to try and improve the game, instead of just leaving it to die?