I miss my commendations/service records

The ability to track and aim towards passive goals/medals was just a great feature and it was even improved in H4/H5 by awarding customisation and id love that to happen again.

Id honestly be happy with repeated armor with different patterns so they change appearance through shaders or even a small amount of cr.

I was someone who mastered my plasma pistol kills in older halo 4, while id rather that be break shields with it the whole commendations kept the game fresh and something to aim to/achieve


Yeah I like the idea of big overall challenges to grind towards. I’d absolutely grind out pp kills in big team to unlock a skin/emblem.

Gold weapons anyone? I’d happily do a bunch of different weapon challenges for a golden BR.


Exactly! It would encourage more weapons to be used too i believe especially by people who want to be a collector


I personally loved the dynamic required for getting Achilles… i enjoyed the group i was in and the grind to the goal…


I never did it, but had I played more Halo 5 back in the day I would have loved to be involved in it. Was a really cool idea.

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I. Do. Too.

They could be used to keep track of how many kills you had with each gun. The rewards for them we recognizable, so you EXACTLY what someone had to do to get that helmet or whatever. They encouraged long-term goal setting and kept the population higher because most commendation were complete over your tenure with a game. Finally they compliment the challenge system very well by not being time-sensitive.


Absolutely agree. Commendations keep the Halo games interesting for a long time. At least for me.

And also one of the reasons why I still play Halo 5.
Gotta get the last ten Grunt Mech kills, destroy vehicles and kill Spartans while they clamber.
And that game is what… 6 years old now?


Agreed I would like this feature back, it was pretty neat in the other Halo Reach and 5.

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