I miss a lot of things lost

I know that some people will disagree with me on this. But there are a lot of things from 343i that were introduced to Halo that are gone now that I miss.

*Prometheans. Yes, I said it. I miss having them. They were interesting opponents to me.

*Phaetons. Forerunner aircraft are cool.

*Lichs, Krakens and Mammoths. I like mobile fortresses. Vehicles on maps that have room to walk around in. I enjoy that.

*The Covenant revived. I know Jul 'Mdama is gone. So he can’t lead what’s left. But Sali 'Nyon isn’t. And he did take half of Jul’s forces in Escalation. So he could always return and fight the Banished. Hell, I’d pay to play that. A three way fight.

*Swords of Sanghelios. While I’d love playable Elites again, I’d even be happy to have them as allies in a game again.

*UNSC INFINITY. I want it back. That ship had been through so much and survived, but the Banished made it disappear. That ship was a home for Spartans. For other soldiers. For scientists. For a lot of us. I always hoped that eventually we’d get like a hub or something to run around in that was inside INFINITY. Sort of like the Tower in Destiny 1 and 2, but Halo themed. So that both Master Chief AND our Spartan-IV could be part of the overall story of the same game.

*Halo 4 and 5 Weapons. The Lightrifle was so neat to me and useful in Halo 4. Halo 5 actually made the Suppressor and Boltshot make more sense. Binary Rifles and Incinerators were bada$$. And let’s not even forget the Sticky Detonator.

All in all, so many things were actually interesting. I get the reason for a lot of changes. And I do like a good number of them in Infinite (not all, of course). But still. I miss these things.