I Maxed Out the Battle Pass Without Buying It

I just thought I’d do a little personal challenge to see how hard it would be, and it wasn’t hard at all.

As such I can wholeheartedly state that its really crazy to pay for each level individually or even buy the extra premium 2800 credit version that jumps you up a few levels. Just play the game and use a double XP boost every day while going for weekly challenges, and you BLAZE through it.

At any rate, the battle pass then pays for itself if you already have 1000 credits in the bank, so here we are: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcKXvlwLPhg


It’s not hard per se, it’s just a big pain in the -Yoink!-.

It’s like I’m jumping through hoops just to get this stuff over with. I still haven’t maxed out the first one.

Boosts help, but that daily xp cap isn’t doing it any favors. Let people get it over with. Stop throttling xp.


Throttling the XP is something I find difficult to look the other way on. In another game, the name starts with “Dest” while I dislike the grind, I can keep doing bounties and I get the same reward for those bounties each time, so if I want to grind and grind and grind in order to progress faster that is up to me. Halo, on the other hand, says “Oh no you don’t, we’re going to cut XP reward way back to prolong your dissatisfaction”. Halo progress is so slow, plus no progress for just playing the game.


that’s pretty cool. good job dude!

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Paying for the level skips may have made more sense early on when the daily challenges were only worth 50 XP all the time.

The challenges seem easier too.

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Only took a month to complete the Battle Pass for me. Even with the state of the Challenges during Season 1 it didn’t take that much longer - maybe more like a month and a half.

Just use an XP Boost, spend that hour doing what Weeklies you can along with the Dailies, and when that hour runs out just keep doing Weeklies until you almost complete them, then wait until tomorrow and hit the Double XP again to complete those Weeklies instantly, do the others as fast/best you can that pop up afterwards, do the Dailies, and the levels will just fly on through at like 25 levels a week, while also refreshing your Challenge Swap/Double XP supply to help cover you.

At this point, with two Battle Passes completed, I have 20+ Double XPs and 75+ Challenge Swaps. Granted, 343 giving a stack of them out for free on occasion helped boost that number up to those points.

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It’s not that hard, but impressive you did it so quickly. Good work!

If someone wants to pay to have all the goodies day 1, more power to them. I’ll just olay the game, though.

The way people are talking it’s as though playing this game is a part-time job. How many hours per day did it take to complete the pass?

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like 1 or a little more. I only used one xp boost per day

I have no issues with the BP, I just want something else to work toward once it’s done.

Heck, I don’t even know how many medals I’ve earned since Infinite’s launch, nor do I have any achievements or achievement related rewards to my performance.

Removing the Career page and Rank progression is such a huge mistake.

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I finished 11 challenges in the first hour last Tuesday. It doesn’t take a whole lot of effort with 2XP boosts

(I do play a lot too, don’t get me wrong.)

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It takes me on average about 2 months to complete a Halo Battle Pass and with the seasons being six months long I can honestly say I do not understand why anyone would buy the premium version or pay to skip levels. It makes no coherent sense to me whatsoever.

Yeah I’ve still not used any XP grants and have loads of Double XPs left and I’m in the 80s of Season 2 already just from getting my weeklies

I completed the first battle pass without paying for it. The first thing I did when I completed it was buy the darn thing so I got all rewards in one go. I was like a kid in a candy store.

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I finished the S2 BP a couple of hours ago.

I like the core. I think my spartan looks pretty dope, but it does feel like there were fewer options.

The core definitely looks incomplete. I know that’s kind of the point but the whole back is open.