I made some halo videos on my small youtube channel

Hi guys,

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I recently started a youtube channel and although i originally planned not to focus on Halo i have decided that os where my passion is so I have leaned into it more.

Anyways, I have a small channel and if anyone is interested you an find it by searching blue team gaming over on youtube.

Im not asking for subs or anyrhing but honestly, support and feedback is always welcome.

I recently made a video about duel wielding so if you guys decided toncheck it out I would recommend that video as a nice atarting point.

Thanks for your time and I hope youl join me in a small halo community I am building.


Please share the URL, we would be more than happy to watch and comment.

I am actually starting several channels around Halo — I say starting but actually I am more in a supportive role doing a bit of voice acting for them around the subject matter of Halo clans, Halo lore videos and essays on particular topics.

No videos yet so I won’t share a URL but if you do, you really should.

P.S. studying the YouTube algorithm it will apparently know how to suggest your videos to its fanbase better than any actual human can at the moment. Its very interesting and I implore you to look into that subject.