I made my First Machinima

2548, tammikuu the 8th, New Carthage, Voi, Two lovers are moving from their home to the big city of Pilvros, after an interaction along the road the main character’s traded car’s brakes are put to the test.

Link: VRR: Episode 1 - YouTube


David Jerriah Rosky (Alaska)

An optimist at first glace, David is a fighter who is (Though complete choice of his own) Is plunged into a personal war against the Insurrection, chased by his past as a child soldier, David’s sins can never be truly vanquished.

Vanessa Hailey Roberts

Wining is the only option for Vanessa, though lost to the sea she was confident in her ability to get through to rough with grace, Vanessa will guide David’s path through hallucinations

Sarah Wilma Taliska

A pivotal gear of the cog of the story, Trying her best to not be despised by the people she meets.


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