I made a Theater manager for MCC

Theater is such a fantastic feature, being able to rewatch an event from any angle is something every game should have.
Unfortunately though as you may have noticed, Theater is limited to only 12 files ingame, and trying to store them yourself is a real hassle because the naming scheme makes it barely human readable.
Here’s an example, guess what map this is: asq_mglo-1_dlc_mediu_D952537C
Thanks to me not really having much of a life, I made a program to fix this problem once and for all.

Introducing: THE ARK.
The Ark is a super convenient Theater manager that will automatically save carnage reports and theater files for later. The only storage limit is your harddrive space.
You don’t have to worry about having to constantly tab out of the game just to save a clip for later when binge-gaming, The Ark has an auto-refresh feature that takes care of the archiving. It scans your theater directory automatically and once it gets full it will move all files over to the archive automatically so you don’t ever have to worry about losing a clip again.


  • Configurable translator for files, medals and games - Auto-refresh so you can focus on the game - Dark theme UI - Saves carnage reports and pairs them with theater files - Stores the files neatly organized in directories based on the date and gameI’m using it with a NAS server over wifi, so that’s probably the worst case scenario. I haven’t tested it on-hardware, but it takes around 4 seconds to load in hundreds of files for me.

I want to make it clear that this is NOT A MOD, it’s a standalone program that doesn’t interact with the game whatsoever, it’s perfectly safe to use while playing online. All the information The Ark gets to do its job are from the theater and carnage files and your Windows username (to automatically find the appdata directory, it’s purely saved in memory for that one task).
Windows may complain that it’s not signed, but that’s about it with security concerns. 100% clean on VirusTotal, code is open source so you can compile it yourself if you don’t trust VT (requires Visual Studio and .NET Framework 4.7.2).
I apologize in advance to any developers wanting to go through the code, it’s proper spaghetti. I’m working on a complete rewrite that’s properly structured with classes. My only excuse is pure laziness. It was meant to be a quick and dirty prototype, but here we are.

Screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/Erdm3Ap.png

Gitlab link here: Releases · chupa / TheArk · GitLab

Update: I should add that the game sometimes doesn’t “save” the theater before you go into “Your FIles” in the options menu after a game. This is damning for campaign, but for multiplayer all you have to do is go into Options > My Files after a game you want to keep the carnage report for.
This only really affects carnage reports, theater should still be saved even though the file doesn’t show up. It used to REQUIRE this method with H2A, but with H3’s release they fixed it.

An extremely helpful feature!

Very nice tool.
Thank you for doing what 343 won’t.

Wow very cool! Hope to see more! Great work Spartan!

The Ark v2.0 is almost finished, will release that as soon as I’ve cleaned up the code.

Some new features:

  • Multithreading (significantly improves performance) - Detailed stats with player/team lists - Proper OOP (makes it easy to expand on) - Error logging - Clip linking (links clips to films to make it even easier to know which films has the good stuff in them) - XML saving/loading for even faster speeds - Shrinks reports to make them even faster to readIt still has some bugs, mainly with multithreading as I’m relatively new to that, but what absolutely needs to work should work just fine, or let you know something is wrong.

Here’s a comparison screenshot of the new report UI: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/1727668185569782217/46DFB5535743E424DCF9E195042B2DF3A78E3534/

Excellent program!
I’d love those v2.0 features, would you say you’re close to releasing it within the week or so?