I made a NodeJS wrapper, figured I would share it.

Hi All,
I made a node package that wraps the API. Nothing special, I’m sure some of the other Node wrappers are pretty good as well, but I kinda wanted to make something myself as a learning experience. Figured I would share it. As far as I know the whole API works. I could really only test the Halo Wars 2 stuff since I don’t really play Halo 5 but I think that should work as well.
Here’s the github

It can be installed with npm install halo-api-wrapper. I recommend doing a --save. The important parts are that it returns a Promise so you can use .then() or call as many as you want asynchronously.
I’ll work on the documentation over the coming days. Main focus was just getting everything working. I may or may not add rate limiting but caching/rate limiting was a bit out of the scope of what I was aiming for. I just wanted to call function, get JSON and that’s what it does.