I Made A Map Effect Based on ODST's Tayari Plaza!

My first, and hopefully not only, forge effect is based on the ODST level Tayari Plaza! As a refresher for those unfamiliar, set right after the Covenant CAS-class Assault Carrier carrying the Prophet of Regret, Solemn Penance, jumps into slipspace over the human megacity of New Mombasa, Buck must fight through the Covenant forces invading the city to find teammate Veronica Dare, who’s stuck in her pod not far from where Buck landed.

This was one of my favorite levels in ODST for several reasons:

  • Buck - Buck - Chips Dubbo being in two places at once (watching you buddy) - The blue fog and ionized particles seen throughout the level that’d blind you as soon as you entered VISR mode.So Forge came out recently and I thought “I’m going to remake that blue fog.” So I did to the best of my abilities. No ionized particles sadly but it still looks cool and is something different when compared to the usual sandstorm or snow and rain effects, plus it’s perfect for Halo since, well, it’s from Halo.

I have a few screenshots and even a video on a poorly crafted city center map used to showcase the effects a little more. I will also post how to recreate the effect below.

Halo 5’s effect:


ODST Tayari Plaza:
Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

How to create the effect:

Skybox: Overcast
Filter: Washed

Near Fog:

  • Spotty - Ice Blue - Sky Blue - Scale 2.20 - Thickness 1.70 - Brightness 0.50Distance Fog:

  • Gray (50%) - Thickness 2.50 - Brightness .40Cloud Shadows

  • Type: Spotty - Scale 1.55Wind: On

  • X -2.00 - Y -1.00 - Z -0.50Enjoy, and any improvements or feedback for making the effect look even more like the actual fog would be wonderful.

Very nice.