I’m really disappointed in the current campaign

I was so excited for the campaign, I thought something cool would show up. But no, just endless questions.
I really liked the gameplay, semi open world, return of brutes and classic covenant designs.
But the story ended up as a cliffhanger. AGAIN.
I ended up with more questions than satisfaction.
If 343I doesn’t give Infinite DLC with a story with closure, I’m going to be really annoyed.
This was supposed to be the reclaimer trilogy.
They made H4 story similar to HCE, they made H5 similar to H2 and Infinite is just H5 with better design and a less chaotic story with less biomes.
They should have ended Infinite with an ending like Halo 3 IF they are not going to make DLC.
The ending of a trilogy should NOT end as a cliffhanger.

I really hope they can come out and confirm if DLC is a part of the plan of Infinites lifespan.
So I can finally live in peace again.

The game is going to be the center of Halo for 10 years, I doubt it will survive without it.

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I hope they will, because it’s going some rumours around that a NEW Halo game is going theough planning stages.
And I really don’t want a new Halo game now when Infinite story is the way it is now.
But… if they are going to continue with Master Chiefs story maybe it’s a good ending.
Because it had a good vibe in the ending, but the fight didn’t feel finished because of Atriox and characters we didn’t see.

Loved the campaign.

Thought it was a clever decision to reboot everything for the new players.

Halo 6 was going to be way too complicated. This way they were able to give Cortana a bit of an exoneration before passing the baton.

And hopefully we get DLC to answer some of the burning questions. I would love to play as another Spartan on Infinity as it goes down.

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Okay, for me the big question is:

  • Is this a retcon tying up loose ends.

So there’s going to be no Created remnant, no Cortana coming back, merging with the Weapon etc etc. The focus is 100 percent going to be on the Banished and the Endless. They are not going to do a Geth/Quarian style reconciliation.

  • Is this simply skipping a controversial chapter of the Reclaimer Saga.

So we aren’t getting Cortana ruling over the Galaxy and Chief fighting her. But instead they skip to the redemption arc part where they have to learn to work together and patch things up. Irrespective of whether the Weapon is Cortana or not. That does seem to be the role the Weapon has been cast.

We might honestly have a better idea tomorrow. The teasers do suggest something AI related. Perhaps they might mention what the state of Earth is. Could be most Created just rejoin the UNSC if they really want to tie a bow on it.

The Encyclopedia does seem to suggest there is a Created Remnant and without turning this into a theory video; I am really suspicious about the Weapon being who she thinks she is. It makes a lot more sense if Cortana deleted her own memories to be with Chief and is piecing herself back together as this new identity.

But basically I think the game is very consciously setting up a lot of mysteries and questions. Both on Zeta Halo and outside it. This gives them free reign to drop factions and conflicts into the game incrementally. This lack of context is very intentional.

I do agree that they played it far too coy in the game. You can’t tell me the Endless are this dangerous and not have that threat materialise.

I am more concerned by rumours I’ve heard that they aren’t going to follow up with DLC but may be making a new game. I think that would be a shame because whilst this may be okay for an intro story it’s not going to stand up well on its own. Arguably they haven’t even introduced the main villain and threat.


I was personally fine with how the campaign turned out in the story that was told: putting a more fitting end to Cortana, establishing a new working relationship with Chief and Weapon, and just a new setting overall when it comes to Zeta Halo.

I was, however, disappointed with the rather significant lack of context such as what happened to Blue Team, Locke, Lasky, what’s going on with the Created, just what the Endless are, etc. I think for a foundation - if they truly are going to pull through with their ten year promise -, Infinite had certainly set one up but there’s certainly a lot more work to be done and care that they need to take with their steps moving forward to what they decide to do from here.

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The Weapon can never replace Cortana and they shouldn’t act like she’s a proxy for that character if they really wanted her dead. The whole love story thing in Halo 4 onwards works because they’ve been on all these adventures together and you have the whole her choosing him to be her Spartan etc etc

The Weapon hasn’t done anything like that. Different character. There is nothing between these two and they have zero reason to care about eachother. I wouldn’t be okay with the Chief, what, liking the Weapon because he can just pretend she’s Cortana and nothing happened? That would just be weird. Also why does she want to take Cortanas name?

Now if she was a totally different AI. Fine, I could see you selling that as a story about grief where he has to move on. But not when it’s a blank slate version of the person you lost. That’s just wrong and that is not moving on.

He should remain indifferent and frankly a little disturbed by the Weapon as he’s forced to work with this AI. She’s a permanent reminder of his failure and what he lost. Being haunted is not wholesome and it’s not a second chance. So all the perfectly perfect stuff at the end just is way off the mark for me.

Its also obviously because they didn’t want to do a redemption arc with Cortana because she did too many bad things. But we want to keep that dynamic and have a character who can still feel guilt over what “she” did and do a redemption arc anyway. So make a clone and call it a day. You already see this in Infinite with her apologising and demanding to die for something she didn’t do and won’t for another 7 years. Another scene that did not work as intended.

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I feel like 343i both failed to appease veterans of the story by blindly just cutting ties with most of the existing lore out of frustration and yet at the same time giving nothing to new players.

It just feels as if 343i wanted to write it’s own “Halo” story and not be stuck with Bungies characters. That’s why they just killed Cortana offscreen (and that in a very lame, uninspired and even nonsensical way), destroyed the Infinity in the opening movie and changed everything that halo was to a empty Ubisoft open world game.

Doesn’t help new players either. There are some mysteries that one can unearth in the logs etc. but besides those, there is nothing they really added to the story except the endless, which currently are nothing more than a few sentences on Halopedia. If you want to know more about the Halo Universe, you’re stuck with going back and reading up on what happened in the other games, even though this was the very thing they wanted to avoid.

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To play devils advocate.

It looks like the wider galaxy lore is going to be covered in the multiplayer and that was only meant to come a few months after the game dropped. They probably thought all the time travel speculation would last that time until they could introduce other elements. What are the Banished doing in wider galaxy, state of Earth and UNSC, are there any Created left that pose a threat.

So they didn’t directly address those points in Infinite because they thought they would be saved and addressed fairly quickly in the multi. In practice it’s six months later.

Also, they have said this is reintroducing things to us. We know who Atriox and the Banished are from Halo Wars but we are presented them as if they are a new faction. We know Cortana went evil and took over the Galaxy but this is reintroduced to us along with the cliff notes of their bond to that point. So it stands to reason other things would be introduced as new later on. For example, Earths status.

Some of these things might be plot twists. For example if Chief tries to contact Earth and does not realise it’s still controlled by the Machines. They rock up at Zeta Halo. Hilarity ensues.

But yeah, there should have been more shown of the Endless and the threat they posed. As well as what the scale of the Banished threat was. Instead of two disastrous attempts at repairing the Halo Ring. Too much talk and not enough threat.

The affection between them worked up until a point. It was starting to get cringey (dialogue wise) in H5. It was only going to get worse in H6. Chief was never going to beat Cortana in a fight…

Chief knows exactly what the weapon is. He doesn’t trust her. He actually tried to delete her with no hesitation.

I didn’t get the impression that he saw her as a replacement for Cortana in any way.

She’s a copy of Cortana… pretty much up to the point where she chose her own name. It makes sense that the name would resonate.

We were spared Chief’s grief. That would have been during the capture and handing over of Cortana. He probably gave up on her long before that - when she started genociding planets.

I’m not against revisiting some of that in DLC etc. Or even some cut scenes. It would make some great anime. Could you imagine Halo Legends 2 - with a heap of short stories told from different character’s perspectives?

That was more the vibe I was actually getting.

I agree it was a bit over-the-top. But it was more the weapon trying to reconcile that she was a clone. And it was coming from a reference that she viewed herself as expendable (she was completely surprised she wasn’t deleted already) and that Chief was already intent on deleting her.

My assumption was, this is just rampancy or the Logic Plague; it’s not really her doing these bad things. He can’t beat Cortana in a fight. He’s ultimately going to save her from herself because of their bond and he pulls her back from the darkness. Which he promised he would do in Halo 4.

You remove the man you remove the problem. Cortana worked fine in Infinite because the writers gave Jen Taylor better stuff to work with and they put the character in context.

Until the very end where they have the ghost of Cortana tell him “do you see what I see? So much potential.” and how they can be perfectly perfect. I don’t agree with that sentiment. That implies they only like eachother because she’s a sassy beautiful AI. Not because of all the stuff they’ve been through. Chief wasn’t trying to save Cortana in Halo 4 for a selfish reason like needing an AI Helper who could fill that role. But yeah, 343 blatantly want to rebuild the love story but with this new character.

Most of that coldness is gone by the end of the game and when coupled with the above it felt like they were just trying to manufacture the same outcome. At the end they’re depicted as pretty friendly, sharing jokes and all that.

It’s weird to name yourself after somebodies dead love and try to form a relationship with them.

I’d go and replay the campaign and a few of the audio logs. He doesn’t really give up on the idea that he could have saved Cortana. “I could have stopped it. I could have reasoned with her” Plus given that they bring up how Atriox got to Cortana first and she died; well if she’s not a threat anymore….he probably planned to run off. Judging by Cortanas reaction that seems to have been the case.

I didn’t see it like that. Going back to my top point. If Cortana was cured of rampancy and was suddenly like “oh no Chief what have I done I am a monster.” Where she’s all in horror about what she’s done and full of remorse. With Chief forgiving her. That’s pretty much that. But it’s another character saying these things. :thinking:So, I felt like 343 were simply trying to hit these drama beats but with a character who has no reason to be guilty and where it’s easy for the Chief to “forgive” her.

Campaign was breathtakingly good

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Yeah, and I’m kinda upset that the whole story from Halo five isn’t even played off of. The only way to know what happened between infinite and guardians is the look for audio logs. Halo 5 had this cool story about Cortana’s rampancy and stuff, and then infinite is just “so we lost and this pilot guy is a coward also what happened to Cortana why is the ring blown up”. It’s annoying as hell.


I’d be willing to bet they will slowly add more to the story over time. Like a portion being released every other season or some such

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