I’m ready for a performance patch already

I’m so tired of the current meta. There are so many balancing issues in this game

Desync shot behind walls. Not sure if this has to do with inconsistent shield depletion too

No player collision causing bad melee
registration insane double melee lunge range.

Shield depletion in this game is strange it’s very inconsistent with all weapons including the most consistent that being the BR

Grenades are OP and focus less on gun skill.

The radar don’t even get me started on how useless 18m is at the moment just pathetic….

Bloom on the sidekick absolutely pointless and creates randomness

The sniper hit box is still extremely off in most cases…

The aim fells pretty decent in game but would like to see a modern aiming option like mcc because mcc still feels and plays smoother…

Also noticed someone mentioned aim assist is reduced when jumping ? Like why is this even a thing ??? What purpose does this serve other than making things even more inconsistent than they already are…

Currently all that should of been smoothed out at launch and the fact we’re still in beta 2 months later IMO opinion tops one of the most pathetic things 343 has done thus far with a once superb franchise…

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That’s not true. At all.

I beg to differ? Seemed pretty true when I tested it out still not 100% sure

Aim assist is wildly inconsistent in this game. It’s not because of jumping. Aim assist was never toned down during jumps ever in the history of halo.