I 'm looking!

What’s up guys I’m Cenamon and currently looking for some action. basically I would like to help in anyway possible. Whether its getting you higher in rank, company stuff, machinima, or fill for a team let me know. Let me know your goals and what u need help with.
My info:
Diamond is my highest rank this season
I have mic
Over the age of 18
GT: Cenamon
On everyday just different times.

Willing to help big or small!
Contact me either on this forum, pvt message or Xbox GT:Cenamon.
I respond in pvt message and Xbox message the most.

You should check out the Halo Lives On community. It’s a very active network of Halo gamers that is constantly growing.

I sent a company invite with our information enclosed. If you feel you would be a good fit, feel free to accept! You seem to fit our style from your post!