I’m glad the sixth gate shoulder set is in the shop again for the 67th time since launch

I mean really, I didn’t buy them the first 66 times you showed me them but the 67th time I just had to buy them. (S)

It’s painful to log into this game every day and be reminded just how little content is available in a game that was advertised to have the most robust armor customization in any halo to date. What a complete joke. 343 should be ashamed

I used to login daily to make sure I wasn’t missing something I’d really want as a daily offer. Stopped doing that a long time ago when I realized that daily offers were just for recycled garbage items.

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I should probably stop doing that too. There hasn’t been a new never before seen item in the daily slot since probably December lmao

Events seem to be even worse because for whatever reason all shop offerings must be related to the event and it’s already limited pool of items. I’m glad I can just check from my phone at least before I bother logging on.

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I can take a guess whats next. The orange and white camo for the bulldog.


I wonder what’s going into the Shop tomorrow, probably a repeat or CQC or JFO arrives

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Its probably going to be Chibis. :grin:

Oh boy I do love me some Chibis :rofl:

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