I’m Fed up with Halo Fans and Thankful for Halo Infinite

Man, we as Halo fans kinda suck. It feels like all I see on forums and on YouTube are people complaining about one thing or another regarding Halo. They say Halo is dead, weapons are broken, playing against Americans is too hard, RIP videogames, Bungie was better, yadiyadiyada. Don’t we ever get bored of doing the same exact song and dance every few years when a new game comes out?

I think with the exception of Halo CE, every Halo game has been hated on. People hated on Halo 2 not long after it came out and now it’s widely considered the best Halo game. People hated on Halo 3 saying it wasn’t like Halo 2. Then Reach came out and people said it sucked and wasn’t a masterpiece like Halo 3. Then Halo 4 came out and people said it sucked and wasn’t a masterpiece like Halo Reach. And so on with Halo 4, 5 and now Infinite.

Every Halo game is the death of Halo until the next one comes out and the cycle doesn’t stop and doesn’t get any less annoying or predictable.

Whatever the next Halo is, I can already see the content creators doing their spirited but totally inaccurate trailer breakdowns, praising the game at launch and then immediately betraying it a couple months in along with the ignorant masses because they ran out of content to keep their channels relevant.

That’s not to say there aren’t things in need of fixing, but the things in need of fixing aren’t catastrophic. Halo Infinite is not unplayable, but we so easily make mountains out of ant hills and then throw out all the good stuff because a few things weren’t how we wanted them.

The fact that a game isn’t perfect shouldn’t be some earth-shattering revelation, it should be a given.

My love for Halo started back in the CE days and has only increased since 343 took up the Mantle of Responsibility. I’m thankful that they’ve kept making these games, so I want to make this thread to praise 343 for some of the things I’m specifically thankful for in Halo Infinite.

  • I’m thankful for the Spartan Mark VII armor core. It’s the sexiest halo armor I’ve ever seen, second only to Chief’s armor.

  • I’m thankful for the faithful reproduction of the Halo Reach (Mark VB) armor core. Many thanks for those customization items!

  • I’m thankful for tomorrow’s update that is making all the visors cross-core compatible. I can’t wait to play around with that!

  • I’m thankful for the reimagining of Equipment. The Grappleshot steals the show in this arena, but “Mind the Gaps” are endlessly amusing. Plus, deflecting Wraith mortars and rockets back at fools just feels so good.

  • I’m thankful for the work that’s been done to improve the battle pass progression system. I think the XP dividends for playing matches, equipping boosts and completing challenges is a lot better than it was at launch. Nice job there.

  • I’m thankful for the “Neckerchief” Mark VII chest. Single greatest chest piece in the game and I don’t think I’m ever going to unequip it.

  • Thank you for the death physics. I get so much entertainment out of watching other people’s Spartans and mine get rag-dolled across the map, into walls, off of cliffs, to infinity and beyond. These are the most destructive physics I’ve seen since Halo 3 and I love them oh so much.

  • Also, whoever’s idea it was to have the Warthog driver death cam, they rock. I only get it once in a while, but when I do, I wouldn’t mind a longer respawn time.

  • I’m thankful for the thought put into the lore of items in the game. I read them every time a new item comes out.

  • I’m thankful for the personal AIs. They each have a fun, unique personality and flavor that they bring to multiplayer and to each individual Spartan. My personal favorite is Mister Chief and the greatest line I have heard from him made reference to the legendary Hamish Beamish (May his soul rest in space custodian bliss.).

  • Finally, I’m thankful for the ongoing work 343 is doing to make this game better all the time, from drop pods to weekly events and progress with co-op campaign and forge. I see a lot to be excited about coming down the pipeline and I can’t wait. My one request is that as soon as Forge comes out, we’ll get some Social Husky Raid and Castle Wars in Infinite. Fingers crossed.

There’s a lot more I could’ve shared my praise of, but this is a novel as it is, so I’ll end here by simply saying, thank you 343. It’s been almost 9 months since the Infinite launched and it rocks even more than it did!


I’m in agreement with most of the criticism people give here, but spamming 343 with “Fire Bonnie Ross” or “Fire 343” is crossing lines.

That’s just harassment. Plain and simple.

Halo belongs to 343 now. We can’t just take it from them. Leave that decision to Microsoft.

All in all, I disagree with your points but understand some of the sentiment.


True, those kinds of comments aren’t helpful.

That’s fine if you disagree. What’s your particular perspective on Halo Infinite?

Is there anything in Infinite you’ve particularly enjoyed and are thankful for?


Nice post, but 343 needs to go.


I like the fact it fixed the campaign aspect. A lot of things in H5 made no sense really. Plus, there’s the weird marketing that accompanied it.

Infinite was basically made to fix those mistakes and I think they did gameplay and story wise.

Content wise? I mean, I think the game speaks for itself in that regard. Quite lacking to say the least. :sweat_smile:


I’m DAM thankful for cross-core coming to Halo Infinite tomorrow. Yeah its only the visors but its a step in the right direction! At least they are listening, and Forge had it launched with this game would make Halo Infinite king on both PC’s and consoles. I’m hoping it can turn the population around, its clear ALL the effort went into Forge over the rest of Infinite and I fully support that decision, had they launched it with the game.

I truly FEEL BAD for 343i as they were rushed, pure and simple. This game DESERVED a few more years in the oven before release, its clear the love and tender care 343i poured into this game above every other game they have made, and bad management is attempting to bury this game into the ground! Halo Infinite deserves better and you know what? 343i DESERVES employees who can work beyond a contract.


Blind optimism is also toxic too buddy


Forge looks amazing. Hopefully 343 upgrades, and fixes custom game options. Add a custom game browser, that would be perfect.


Perhaps, but if I have to pick my poison I’ll take thankfulness over perennial complaining.


So long as Microsoft lets 343 keep working on Infinite, I’m sure it will be my favorite Halo game.
But as much as I genuinely love this game, it is unfinished. Every part of the game From campaign to multiplayer to menus show me that this game is simply not finished. Things are missing, things don’t function… The potential is there I can see it. It is just going to take more than season 3 to get there. And that will only satisfy me, I’m not sure about others. Those who left Halo Infinite and wouldn’t otherwise come back.

I’m sure 343 will be allowed to finish the game. However, I hope to see if 343 will continue building on the game after it is finished. Only time will tell.


I also hope this will be the best Halo. But a question? Has there been any word of a Firefight mode for Infinite?

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If nothing else, its nice to see someone admitting this is a thing. Too much negativity rots the soul.

Interestingly enough, while I was at work today, I thought about making a post just like this. Im glad I waited so someone else could.
And its really nice to see people actually taking it seriously instead of driving it into the ground.


Unwarranted and unearned thankfulness isn’t good either.

There is this thing called having standards,
And frankly 343 has consistently missed the mark where it matters.

It’s been analyzed to hell and back, but most people agree that 343i is the problem with Halo.
The mismanagement, the lies, the sad excuse for story and content.

Yeah, you can find specks of gold in Infinite,
But at the end of the day its still a pile of crap with small gold nuggets sprinkled on.

It doesn’t excuse 343i of its horrific mis-steps just because they manage to do a single thing right, after doing ten things wrong.


On the same token it’s great to see the occasional positive post.

@Michael1295 - kudos.

It’s important to acknowledge where we are at with Infinite. But there is lot to enjoy at the moment… and there is absolutely nothing wrong with being optimistic about the future.


i’m thankful for halo coming to pc and steam again and for the free mod tools.

not interested one bit with cosmetics / skins.

just want feature complete games.


I am thankful for the positivity and inspiration… keep blazing the path my brother. Respect


I’m right there with you. I got your back! Real tired of all the negativity.


Go ahead, but the numbers are speaking for themselves. I think everyone here wants the game to succeed because we all love Halo. I wouldn’t be hard on them if I didn’t. If I didn’t like this game I would’ve dropped it.

If we just compliment and tell them its all fine when it isn’t, they don’t know what to fix. They need the feedback to keep coming in ways that’ll identify the many many weaknesses.


I agree with OP that demanding singular persons fires is not the right way to go, but at the same time I DO want to see some consequences.
Halo as an IP was progressively getting worse since 343i took over. I am in no position to fault any one person, but there is no denying that since 343i took over, things have been rather going down than up and as a fan I’d like to see someone at MS acknowledge that and take consequences, be it changing positions or direction of the company or however they see fit.

I think, and this is not meant as a defense for those people, that not seeing any reaction from MS about the situation of Halo whatsoever, gave some people the impression that more radical feedback has to be given for MS to notice and that’s where the demands for firing people are coming from, but that’s just my guess.

Truth be told, I too feel like, despite all the valid critique around the internet and even here in the forum, 343i mostly does their thing and remains tone-deaf to what fans and their player base wants, which results in even more posts which has brought us into the situation we’re in, where players have gotten so frustrated with being ignored that some individuals start to lash out and as a result 343i listens less and less to player demands.


I like Halo fans.

The problem is, the series has veered towards the dress sim brigade.