I’m aware I’m part of the issue with the store but I just can’t help it

You have no clue what the meaning of the word “stolen” is, or you’re just trying to start trouble. A few of the things I’m “accused” of stealing from were either things I made, I made before whatever, or were simply references. I’ve never stolen anything from someone else.

20 character post

Don’t feel too bad. You’ve been deliberately manipulated by game psychologists…it’s their job after all.

It’s just a shame that society uses this knowldge in such insidiously greedy ways.

Don’t get angry with yourself, be angry at the people that are preying on the weak and pulling your strings.


don’t be mad at yourself, be mad at a system designed to exploit these vulnerabilities. This is disgusting, and is working exactly as intended.

I hope to see a legal ban on MTX in my lifetime.

Tell me you have a grudge against OP for making money without telling me lmao this whole post reeks of something :joy: