I’m a lil toxic so I’m trying something Different

In H5, I liked the Warzone playlist. The addition to that by 343 was fantastic. Looking back at that , it shows me that they do try and innovate. It was a brilliant execution. Theres some very cool maps in that game as well. The scope looking thru the crosshairs was interesting. I think I may like that better than Infinite.

In infinite, I like the hit registration I feel like the shots connect much better than previously, sometime H5 seemed as though your bullets were rubber from far away. It looks good as far as graphics and aesthetics. I enjoy the Rumble pit were it has different playlist not only slayer, social play that is a great addition. I haven’t played too much but there’s a couple good maps.

Clamber was nice addition to both games. The thruster in H5 I think is more useful than sprinting is.

I don’t smack talk for no reason, I do genuinely care about this game. One of the only games I even play, compared to other gamers I realized.
I don’t consider myself a toxic person but have been flagged as such I can assume. Fact still remains, there are subtle things that can make the game that much better and bring players back. Not major things like Forge, other playlist and what not.

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