I love you 343.

Thanks for hitscan.

Please don’t hate… what does hitscan mean?

Love 'em, too!

Hitscan simply means the shot hits the target instantaneously when you shoot the gun.

For example, the DMR on Reach is Hitscan, but Rockets AREN’T Hitscan.

Halo 3’s BR didn’t have hitscan, so you had to lead your shots, but Halo 2’s BR did have hitscan

Basically you don’t have to lead your shots. Hitscan reduces The chances of your shots not counting online

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Uncle -Yoink!-.

It was a feature in previous Halo games. When you come close to somebody and melee them, in no more than 2 fractions of a second, you may scan his armor readings and gain the upper hand.

We’ve all asked for this, it’s finally here. 343 listens.

Don’t listen to the guy above me, he’s just a jerk. Or the guy below me, also a jerk.

Hitscan is a term that is used mainly in computer games, most commonly in first person shooters. It refers to a calculation performed by a game to find the point at which a given line intersects a game object, and is therefore most often used to provide a crude but efficient simulation of a bullet or projectile hitting a target after being fired from a weapon.

Hitscan weapon is often used colloquially to refer to a projectile weapon which uses unmodified hitscan information to dictate whether or not it has hit its target — deploying the weapon calls the hitscan function, and if an object is detected in the path of the projectile, a hit is registered. Since the effect is immediate, the projectiles effectively travel at infinite speed and have a linear or otherwise simple trajectory — a practical but very crude simulation of a bullet’s speed and accuracy. To improve the realism, programmers may use hitscan functions in slightly different ways - for example, applying a random perturbation to the calculated path to simulate inaccuracy. As another example, the assault rifle in Half-Life 2 calls a hitscan function in the middle of a ‘blazing gun’ animation, creating a small amount of lag between weapon deployment and the hitting of the target to better approximate real-life ballistics.

I copied this from Wikipedia. You’d probably understand this more than me telling you xD.

> Or the guy below me, also a jerk.

This man can see the future!

> > Or the guy below me, also a jerk.
> This man can see the future!

I’ll admit, I was a little freaked out when I read it as well.