I’d just like to say, well -Yoinking!- done 343. Even though it took a little over a year, Halo 5 is finally a decent bloody game. I re-installed Halo 5 earlier this week after I had heard that Halo 5 received quite a hefty update, and at first, I was a little sceptical, but after playing it for myself I can honestly say that Halo 5 feels incredible now. I would especially like to praise 343 for fixing the aiming, at long last, and adding those alternate MM voices. I really love the addition of Exuberant Witness, she is so freakin’ awesome and I love how she makes little references to lore here and there, feels great to be called a warrior servant when you’re tearing it up in arena :’) And I really love the aesthetic design of the Icarus armor set, from the armor texturing that really does look like metal (gorgeous), to the cool mesh looking undersuit, I really hope 343 continue to apply this type of design philosophy to all armors they create in the future, the only way I could think of improving the Icarus armor set (and most others tbh) is giving it a black undersuit. Apart from that, it is perfect. GG 343 GG, just do it way faster next time <3

(Yes, of course, it isn’t the best Halo EVER, but the way Halo 5 is now is the way it should have started.)