I love this game, but Steal these mechanics


I’m loving the game. The multiplayer & campaign are very engaging but a couple mechanics from xbox 360 version of Sup Com 2 would do the game wonders. First if you added a repeat build to unit producing structures it would help with some back & fourth during combat. If you had 1 of each lets say hornet & nightengale on repeat build, you could just select those unit from the all units selections & bring them to the fight instead of waiting till one the them are killed in the current battle & having to go back to base to produce more units. Of course a pause function to this mechanic would be needed too. Second, a patrol functions as well. Imagine putting a couple scout vehicles on a patrol route. You could detect when your enemy is moving in a certain direction, & maybe send forces to stop them from setting up bases around the map. I these mechanics would really help the overall gameplay. Just my 2 cents.