I love these complaints (positive response)

You all have opened new ideas and have shown fair dissatisfaction of what was supposed to be in this game and what was given with all your own expectations and I couldn’t agree more with your understanding.

Me: I had no expectations beyond it being another Halo game with customizing armors, story telling, and just a slew of incredible people playing online. You make me a better gamer and I hope you all get what you were promised from this game.

No shame in having a complaint. I had low expectations so my attitude towards the game is absolutely positive. Me and my GF play together and we couldn’t be happier. Also, side note to moderators: I ask you to please reduce censoring on this forum.

I know a lot of people can use harsh language and make disagreements that sound like trolling, but they are as every bit as valid as those of us who disagree with what others say.

As for me, I plan on doing my best to follow the rules, but even then I can get heated in conversation like anyone else. But I firmly think that thet overt censorship should not be allowed because I can see that a lot of people have valid complaints.

Now pure harassment, I can agree with temporary blocking or removing if someone wants to tear someone apart emotionally for the sake of insulting someone, but I see if cutting words are that much trouble, just have them censored so that way people can keep playing.

Even the harassers can’t harass if the language is censored. Ultimately, to make conversation better or more civil we need less censorship to ideas or complaints and more just to the type of cutting words we use.

Let’s be the mature corporation and let people speak their dislikes and dissatisfaction. Just because you don’t agree with someone, doesn’t mean they aren’t right.

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