I love the War Game Prefrences..

Not really. Unlike it’s predecessors, Halo 4 fails to include any options. As in being able to select how you wish to join. For example, in Halo 3 and Reach you could select by Internet Connection, Skill(although Halo 4 is waiting for that to be implemented), if they player’s are noisy you can avoid them, even still I feel there should be an option to join games that haven’t started and not join half way through the game. Personally, I’m tired of joining king of the hill when the score is 124 to 2 and I join a losing team. Why must that happen? Or join a oddball with 20 points for my team and 200 for theirs. I should have the choice to say, no, only join full games from the lobby. By failing to included the preferences, it leads me to think that unlike bungie, 343 is failing to keep in mind people like to control their own games and what type of game they join, laggy, losing half way through, noisy games. I hope I’m wrong and it’s there and I’m just oblivous but as for now, its disappointing.