I love the store items and prices this week

1st and foremost, the really neat coating set that included coatings for each and every human firearm (such as the 1st ever coating for th eHydra) that also included a cute dragon barrel for the BR (which also changes colors with coatings). 600 credits for all that is a wonderful deal. 700 credits for the sakura petal KO animation was nice (My brother now has multiple KO animations, so he can have different guns with different effects).

I’d love to see more sets of weapon coatings for sale. But overall, I think this was the most value-for-money week yet.

Definitely the first weapon based pack that grabbed my attention. Still not wild about the daily pack just cycling through the same three options for the whole week. Wish they’d go back to every day being something different.

Yeah, I thought it was strange to see the same armor piece appear more than once in a single week…

I wonder if they bring the Katana Miscs back. That’s the only thing about the misc shop that peaks any interest in me.

yeah is so cool how 343 have new content for the shop every week. instead of new content for actual gameplay.