I love the RNG

I love the RNG in the Req System, it helps to keep things balanced, especially in Warzone. Without RNG, it would be extremely difficult for new players to get into Warzone because people who had been around for a while would be able to hoard huge stockpiles of all the best equipment. Imagine playing your first Warzone game with just AR and Magnum while the whole enemy team has an unlimited supply of Rocket Launchers, Scorpions, Banshees and Railguns?

Besides, RNG for new equipment has been part of online games for a long time and has been proven to work, going back at least as far as 1996 with Diablo.

I could understand people’s complaints if they only play Arena and are only interested in getting certain armor sets, but honestly, how much does not having that helmet really effect the game?

We may praise the banhammer, but we should hail the RNG