I love the halowaypoint community

Im sorry but it has to be said. Everyone on halo waypoint is kind helpful and. Well i have not found 1 troll on waypoint yet. And the mods answer back unlike other websites. And there something about this site what is just there and it makes me go on this site alot.

I agree, i havent seen much trolling. I believe the majority of the trolls are still hanging around Bungie.net…which is a good thing. Theres definately a sense of professionalism here.

Yup its a pretty sweet thing 343i has going on here.

<4 <343

Thank you! We like to keep it clean and fun!

And we all love you too.

I Less Than 343. <343

Just proves the work and passion 343 puts into Halo, even if its just their forums. And yes, the community here is great, I hope it stays like that :slight_smile:

I love you all.

tempted to troll this, ok i wont, 343 FTW!!


I know its great here!
and its ok to make this forum I’ve seen it a few times before with others!

Aw, group hug!

bs angel a message from the halo community. Well not the trolls. We love you guys not in a romantic way more of a way of saying you guys are epic and Great at your jobs :smiley:

I agree with everything this thread stands for!!


> I Less Than 343. <343

I feel special!

<4 <343


Maybe its the PC and ps3 fanboys that are the trolls, on topic though I have been around here for long, and man its awesome :slight_smile: everyone’s heaps kind n stuff, good start to 343

> Aw, group hug!

best pic evar!

Well…I can say a few negative things about this forum.

But, for the most part. Ya’ll awesome.

Please you can say what you dont like about this forum. I dont mind :stuck_out_tongue: