I love the CTF mode, how can I get more of this?

Hello everyone, I absolutely enjoy the CTF mode and wish to play more of it. Is there any way I can get to play more CTF games? I also love the CTF maps like Behemoth and Launch Site and would also enjoy other modes in those maps. Is there any way to select modes or maps as desired?


Lmao yeah, log into my account and play quick play. That’s literally the only game type I get on that janky playlist

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I hope that we get an objective playlist ( CTF, Oddball and Strongholds ) in near future.


@Jablome117 haha I wish, I barely get CTF games from quickplay!

@Dormiglione That would be nice, but I dislike Oddball so much lol. I hope there is a way to filter out modes and maps you don’t like

Know what you mean. My prefered gamemode is stronghold. But i think that the player base is not big enough for 3 Playlist like Team Stronghold, Team CTF and Team Oddball.
The Quick Match Playlist without Slayer would just be a step in the right direction.

Make sure you don’t have any active challenges you can progress by playing CTF.


Right, that could be a problem. But I guess if they just let us select multiple modes/maps we want to play at once that problem would be solved. The more modes/maps you select, the faster you get a game. The fewer modes, the longer, but at least you are queuing up for something you really want to play

You can add me to your friends list if you want. We play pretty much CTF only.

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No, no way right now to select maps or modes.

Doubt in the future it will ever be that specific. When Halo 3 had voting for it (as in what map to play and gametype together) you’d always play the same thing everytime, which got stale and bland. So the voting system for that is a no-go. What will happen though is an objective only playlist for sure, and if the population and hold it, maybe break those objective games into their own selections, similar to MCC.

Thank you. But how do you manage to play mostly CTF? Do you use custom games?

What I do Is I sacrifice a goat in the middle of a pentagram, launch and exit the game 6 times and after all that is done, I still end up in oddball games

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I didn’t mean voting together after getting into a match. Instead of playlists, people just select modes and maps they want to play and hit go - and depending on how popular or not the mode/map is they get it quickly or slowly, but those who really want a mode/map would surely wait.

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Currently, this is not possible because 343 went backwards in terms of player freedom & choise.

In MCC, you’re able to use the Match Composer. By doing that, you can chose exactly what & how you want to play.
343 recieved a lot of backlash for this behavior, so, they’ll probably fix it during the next months…or years…

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Thanks, I will try a different variation of this to see what results I get :smiley:

Yeah hopefully sooner rather than later!

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Well I have 2 Custom Modes for Capture The Flag on my Custom Games Server!

  1. Xtreme BTB CTF
  2. Xtreme Close Quarters CTF

I setup my maps like this:

Better starting Weapons
Faster movement
More Ammo
Jump Higher
Crappy Weapons Now can kill people!
Vehicles can run over and kill people better than the stock maps.

Stupid Friendly Fire Is Turned Off!

No LameA$$ Rules!

Us Old Farts just play for fun ONLY! and kick some serious butt! :fist_right: :fist_left:

If your intrested you can add me to you friends list if you wish. We “TRY” to play every night West Cost Time.

Here is my Steam Friends Code Number ----> 1157957152