I Love Halo so much

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Ive been playing halo games since I was a kid, 1-Reach then 4-5, my favorite is Reach because it was Bungies last goodbye and I thought that was the direction the series was heading, anyway even now I am playing multiplayer and got my anniversary logins, used rockstar codes to unlock boosts and skins, so there’s no reason to disregard my concerns and me voicing my opinions.

So how do you guys feel that instead of getting game lore in books they did it in a magazine, I mean why did I spend so much buying the dang things then and the fact you have to buy battle passes to be forced to buy bundles because the progression isn’t getting XP but doing silly challenges, even top YouTubers like the forerunners said the same thing, go check it out for yourself if you don’t believe me, I already spent 120 dollars on credits just to make it to 77 customizations, that’s not fair, I shouldn’t be forced to buy it to get the cosmetics I want because of a faulty progression system


Good for you for being open about it.
I might challenge you for a sec on the “being forced to buy” part of your post. Consider the argument that the current presence of a faulty progression system does not force anyone to spend money to progress. Many are making the claim that 343 are purposefully presenting a deficient battlepass to milk money from people now, only to improve things later. Fair enough. But even if this is true, this battlepass is still permanent. All these things people are painstakingly working towards will still be there next week, next month, and five years from now. No Fear of Missing Out whatsoever. I challenge you and everyone else to simply practice a little patience, and wait until real changes are made on the game’s OFFICIAL release.

Let me clarify. I am not defending 343’s frustrating decisions on Infinite. I only take this stand because it pains me to see people so worked up over something that’s only been flawed for a minuscule week.
Play Halo 5, MCC, or even another franchise. Please don’t invest your time into something that’s giving you grief.

Criticisms of my response are welcome. I don’t hold tightly to my opinions.


For me, I need to agree in some points and disagree in some. So, this is no judging, just doing conversation here. Spending time in things that get one frustrated is not a good idea unless it could have an impact on the game. Thats at least what I am trying to do here, being part of the Beta and give feedback from my POV.
Also, I really am having fun in the meanwhile writing here and there. Almost as much as exploring Infinite.

Indeed the Player is “being forced to buy” at some point, if you ask me. Which dedicated Halo fan, who played at least one of the big Multiplayer titles and is used to unlock a lotta things without any limitations would now today play the newest, potentially best, most graphics intense Halo experience ever and not at least tend to have again cool Armor pieces and stuff. It’s absurd to think that someone like that could play Halo Infinite for free with almost no outcome in the end. And that is something 343 knows.

Also the never expiring Battle Pass doesn’t need to be something good if it takes Seasons to unlock a whole Season Pass then you will never come to the end of the Passes if you don’t pay. It won’t be as cruel but it could take multiples of time Season Passes do and be exhausting as -Yoink!-.

To come to an end, just lets hope the best for the game.

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But you did and now they know you will. That’s what this early release was all about.

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I started playing Halo CE just after it came out, I got an Xbox for Christmas and I was hooked. I spent thousands of hours in Halo 2 and thousands more in Halo 3. To me, Reach was an abomination that Halo 4 and 5 failed to correct. Halo infinite feels like a true evolution of the gameplay in Halo 3 - to me. I have most of the Halo books sitting on a shelf at home, and I spent countless hours with friends fruitlessly trying to unlock the Recon helmet in Halo 3. Since we’re sharing credentials I figured I’d share mine, even though they’re truly meaningless in this discussion.

There seems to be a rather pernicious idea circulating around the Halo Infinite community that the Battle Pass is unnecessarily difficult to complete, or is somehow as you said a “faulty progression system.” I was level 13 one week after it released on the 15th, I didn’t try particularly hard to complete any one challenge, they sort of just came to me. By my math, with the rather casual amount of playtime I’ve put towards Halo Infinite in this first week it will take me less than 8 weeks to complete the Battle Pass.

With this in mind, what you are saying is that you spent $120 to obtain purely cosmetic items 60 days sooner than you could have by spending $10 and enjoying the game for the next 2 months. Nobody forced you to buy anything, you needlessly spent $110 to have cosmetics now instead of later. That’s your choice, I don’t fault you for it even though it’s not the path I’d have chosen - especially not knowing whether or not the campaign would provide further armor components (data miners show it probably does not, oh well).

Honestly… I don’t know of another Battle Pass that can be completed in 2 months of playing for a few hours each night and that you aren’t locked out of when the season ends. I’m beginning to think that there’s an entire group of gamers that can’t enjoy playing a game for the enjoyment of playing it without every match completed contributing to watching a progress bar fill up. If this is the high you crave then I highly recommend entering the I.T. field, plenty of progress bars to get your hit of dopamine there.


Come to think of it, I suppose you’re right. Although nobody is being physically forced to pay, one will eventually have to fork over some in order to make progress at a satisfactory speed…especially if they want to keep up with the new stuff.
I have always been years behind the current news when it came to Halo, so it never became a personal priority.

@SaltyPeterBread proposes some interesting points on the actual time needed to compete the battelpass however, so there’s still some thought to put into it.

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Is the Battle Pass satisfying? Absolutely not.

Is the Battle Pass prohibitively difficult or grindy? I think not. This could change, it could swing another way, 343i may make further changes - for instance I was fine with the daily challenges as they were before and the new daily challenge actually provides less XP over 12 games than the previous ones. I think 343i took to heart the comments regarding getting XP every match and this was their temporary fix.

I would love to see a second daily challenge tied to winning games with another minor XP reward - maybe 50-100 XP for every 2-3 games won.

I’d also remind everyone that every Battle Pass level is 1000 XP, the time it takes to go from level 1 to level 2 will be the same as the time it takes to go from level 99 to level 100. Personally I prefer this greatly over progressing quickly early on then slowing down progression when the rewards start getting good.


Very reasonable, this is probably the most reasonable suggestion I have seen.

Yeah, in this point you’re right indeed. No one is physically or financially forced.

Some good points to begin with. Lets see what 343i will be doing with the Player feedback.