I love halo 5 so far, but changes are needed.

I love everything so far, but i find the following list to be my only concerns with the beta. Most people will most likely give feedback about the obvious things, Im trying to point out what can be changed to enhance the smaller side of gameplay.

Grenade radius/damage:

(friendly grenades also effect me to much and end up lifting my of the ground or moving me completely the opposite direction I’m trying to go)

(enemy grenades are just ridiculous powerful and the range is far to big)

Does 4 shot BR and DMR even exist anymore?
Genuine question, so far my experience is that the br and dmr have like 5 shot kill rate.

Teammates can move my avatar/spartan with to much ease:

What i mean is that if I’m walking or running and another spartan decides to sprint against me in attempt to move out of the way my spartan then ends up getting moved to much in the direction that my teammates are pushing for.


I don’t know if its the FOV or the lack of aim assist but I feel that aiming close up takes far to much effort and feel clunky, the reticule becomes hard to control. (maybe i suck) but i’ve never had the problem until now.

on the + side I really love the lack of aim assist, it makes those further away kill seem more satisfying

I have no problem with the announcer, medals or spartan chatter & hit marker sounds

For some reason when watching footage i found that it was really annoying all of it, but once I’m playing i either hardly notice it, or enjoy it (especially the chatter).

I fully realise that this is a beta and its all subject to change due to our feedback, this is part of it. I will update with more as my experience with the beta.

I’ve never minded having kill cam, the current state of the betas however shows that if you’re gonna implement it, only do it if you can actually have a working and very very accurate cam. and the option to skip and spawn. If not remove it entirely.

NERF, this is all, i love how the gun is now relevant, but one thing that 90% of the competitive scene love about halo is the skill it requires to master the BR or DMR at close to medium range despite it not being intended for it. now I’m glad that the AR can compete but it shouldn’t be able to dominate.

Shields & health:
either nerf all weapons by 10% damage or give us more shield. deaths are far to quick.

Josh said him self, if people feel the need to rely on it, they’ve broken the game, EVERY kill cam i get even from within 3 feet of me I’m getting AR’ed while he’s using his smart scope. This just isn’t right at all, the accuracy improvement thing really does feel game breaking to me.