I love H5G!

I was on the edge of my seat watching the entire gameplay, especially when it came down to 49/49. Seriously, all of the stuff that’s in H5G, I’ve wanted so much in previous Halo games.

First of all, Spartan Abilities are awesome. I didn’t know you could map that many abilities on a controller. In past Halo games, skill in movement involved strafing, jumping, ad crouch jumping. Now, the possibilities are limitless! These movement options make for very complex gunfights with so much depth and outcomes. Not to mention making you FEEL like more of a supersoldier. It’s just giving you so much more CONTROL than past Halo games. Now I’m imagining someone making a gametype with Swords and only Spartan Abilities. It’s like a first person fighting game.

Smart Scope is harmless to me. In past Halo games, there’s always been scope-in. It’s mostly a visual change, considering the actual enclosed space around the reticle where you’ll be aiming is the same, and scope-out has returned. And, it’s been added (presumably from the AR being given a smart scope) to all other weapons. If it’s offputting to you, you can still shoot your weapon like you always have. It’s actually the reverse of CoD; in CoD, you perform better in gunfights when ADS, in H5G, you perform better when not scoped, due to the fact that your FoV is tiny and scope-out makes it difficult to use. Same as other Halo games too, you perform terribly if you scope in at closer ranges. I like this element of choice.

I also adore the little changes to the HUD. For example, it always bothered me that in Halo 2-4, you couldn’t see your actual health, even though it recharged along with your shields. Now they’ve added the health bar again. Even if there aren’t health packs, the inclusion of the health bar is a necessity. Not only that, but there’s a thin bar above the shield meter that counts down how long until your shields recharge.

Killcams return, however you can exit out of it as soon as it pops up and watch your teammates in spectator mode before you respawn.

From what I’ve seen, H5G has so much more depth to combat than past Halo games, and I’m pumped to play the beta come late December.