I love everything about halo 5 except...

Okay so honestly guys I think halo 5 is a amazing game, I think what they have done with it is awesome & the game feels just right!!..but I do miss the leveling system from halo 3 because it was way more competitive but my main problem with halo 5 is the maps, there’s maybe 2 or 3 maps that are decent, what do you guys think of the maps? Just hope they add some new ones or bring back some old ones!!

More maps!!

You can never have enough maps.

a) More maps are on the way.

b) What do you mean when you say that Halo 3’s ranks were more competitive? In what way? How are they materially different than what we have now?

I totaly agree maps need to get better!!! remake of stand off map sucks a lot.