I LOVE dropping rank because my teammates quit!

It’s just amazing! Please don’t fix it 343! I love having to play 2v4 oddball and 3v4 CTF it’s just my favourite thing ever!

Seriously though wtf were you thinking? If a teammate quits, you need to not penalise me for losing. Simple as. Not my fault. Hit them with the ban, credit the enemy team with a slight increase for their troubles, and let us go our separate ways. It’s ridiculously unfair that I’m put in a situation where I either leave and drop rank (and get a ban) or sit through a frustrating 2v4/3v4 (I even had a 1v4 slayer earlier) match which is impossible to win. It’s not fun, it wastes 10 minutes of my valuable time for the inevitability of lost rank.

It needs to be fixed.


Yes! Or getting Banned because you leaved After already two did

Yesterday i got matched in a 3v4 Match. The 4th wasn’t even in the overview…


Yeah give a prize to the loosing team. Are you 6?


I love dropping rank because i get dropped from server. So the halo servers are not stable, i get kicked and my rank drops, because for the match making system its as i did left the match.

I got banned for about 2 days worth for leaving… the challenges need to stop being so focused on certain weapons or objectives or winning even.

That’s the side effect about relying on RNG teammates thanks to the AI matchmaker.

They need a vote to forfeit options, but they should not erase your loss just because teammates left you.

All matchmaker games should put a high priority though into encouraging people to find their teammates BEFORE they queue up for matches. With systems in help them find and start communities to pair up whenever they get a chance too. Then allow people to reconnect from matches if they get disconnected.


Somebody said this is only on PC…

Nothing in the post is asking for a reward, it’s asking not to be penalized because the system is borked and lets people quit, screwing the teammates who remain.

Are you? Because you’re showing the critical thought processes of someone who is.


No, im playing on XBox Series X. I think it happens on both systems.

That is just what i’ve heard, someone was saying HCS switched to xbox series X instead of PC and it fixed the problems…

ttps://forums.halowaypoint.com/t/apparently-yesterdays-hcs-issues-were-being-caused-by-the-gpus-used-in-the-pc-builds-not-the-game/477228 (Add the h to the begining)

if you play csgo or valorant if someone leaves before the game even starts then the game doesnt start. Thats how this should be.

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I could see that being a thing for this game too, not gonna lie…

Right now I just had 3 matches in a row where we were 3vs4.

I quited when we were 3 = Banned
I quited when we were only 2 = Banned

I thought you won’t get banned when you’re only 2, but it seems to be a fake new

You drop in rank?

I haven’t dropped in rank once even when losing and performing bad.

FYI it’s just quit, there is no other variant of the word

Stuff like this is why de-ranking shouldn’t be a thing.

People are going to quit. It’s just one of those unfortunate things. Especially the try hard sweats in rank.

Blame 343 I needed 2 games of ranked strongholds for challenges and I don’t care about my rank or yours. I just care that I had 1 hour to play and it was quicker to quit out of a mode I didn’t want than it was to finish the game.

If you remove the penalty, people will just run 3+a Smurf account that quits when you’re losing.

That’s the primary reason it exists.


I wish I could like this post more than once. The quitting situation has always been around, and never ceases to be frustrating.

However, successfully navigating an objective-based game down a player or two is near-impossible for us non-pro’s. I don’t see any fairness in dropping rank in such a scenario.

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