I love 343!

So I’d love to get 343 to explain this for me.
I’m a level 40 in Halo 3, I lost and went down to a 39. Then I got with a team of 4. One player was a 42, one a 36 and one a 37. We won 7 straight games, the 42 got a 43, the 36 a 37 and the 37 a 38. We lost one, no one went down, then we won 6 more. The 43 went up to 44, the 37 stayed a 37 and the 38 got a 39. Won a few more games, the 39 got a 40. At this point, after going probably 17-1 I still haven’t ranked up. Our next game we get matched with another team of 4. Their levels were 50, 50, 50 and 26. We win that game 50-48. For sure I’m going to level up, right?
I WENT DOWN TO A LEVEL 38. Yep, down a level after winning infinite games in a row. What a joke. Give me a refund since it’s clear no one at 343 is attempting to fix anything. Add more variety to snipers and doubles instead of handling the hundreds of bugs. Almost a year after release and there’s still menu overlap issues every day I play. Glad you guys killed the franchise so you could pump out garbage games every year like call of duty.

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