I lost requisitions

So while I was playing Halo 5 Guardians Warzone Firefight, At the end of my game (since we won), An Xbox Preview Program update came up. I got a little mad, but I had to update it. I updated it, go back on halo 5, and notice my spartan doesn’t have the armor I put on him… I go check and I am missing the following:
2 silver req packs
Various amount of req vehicles and weapons
Halo 2 Battle Rifle
Fotus Chillrose Armor (COMPLETE SET)
2,500 req points
And a couple of warzone boosts

I tried going to Xbox Support twice (2) and They couldn’t help me. It has been a week since it happened and honestly, I’m very upset and angry. I don’t care about giving me gold packs, tons of req points, or whatever… I just got want my stuff back. Is it possible to get my stuff back after this?

Is anyone actually going to read this or is the support for this game just gonna tell me “Oh no, you lost them and now you can’t get them back.”? I’m still very upset and no one has done anything!

Probably because your in the Preview program and you agreed to problems, and support doesn’t exist for preview, your a tester, and you agreed to that.