I lost my Level and have problems with Waypoint

I just downloaded the new title update and it deleted me (and my sister’s) Spartan Rank. I can’t access Waypoint on 360 for some reason as well. It says “Sorry, there’s a problem with the Xbox Live service. Try again later” and I don’t recall seeing anyone having problems with launching Waypoint recently, too.

This is my first week connecting to Xbox Live so my Xbox is acting a little funky. Also, I’m new here so hi.

Hello and welcome to Halo Waypoint. If this is your first time playing Halo altogether, this issue of rank being deleted may occur if your account had Silver membership and upgraded to Gold membership. I was up to Captain in Halo Reach and when I converted my account to Gold membership I was bumped down all the way to Sgt. What I’d recommend is to just give the update some time. For some reason today all my stuff was reset except for my SR level. It had acted like I was new to Halo 4 and it showed me the intro video and everything. As for Halo Waypoint, I haven’t been on that in a long time to really see how it’s been lately. The average Halo player will only use the Xbox app to enter in secret codes, which you can find online. Otherwise everything that’s on the Xbox app, you can find here on the website. The best advice I can give you to regarding the app is maybe delete it and than re-download it.