I lost 16000 XP and my specializations

Last night (early this morning) around 4-5AM CT, I hit level 70 by completing the monthly challenge. I then backed out to dashboard, and turned off my xbox.

I planned on looking at the different specializations again, so I would know which one I wanted to choose when I turned on my xbox later. (I own LE and am supposed to have access to all of them)

Upon turning on Halo mere moments ago, it is showing that I still need about 16000 xp to reach lvl 70 and I now only have access to Wetwork. WTF. Any help would be appreciated.

Try restarting Xbox, it worked for me.

Also try redownloading the LE content.

Ok, I tried restarting but it is still the same. How would I go about redownloading the LE content?

I now have access to my specializations, but am still missing the xp for completing the monthly challenge. Is there any way I can report this, or am I just screwed?