I’ll say it again strafing is a huge issue

A lot of ignorance on these forums saying this isn’t a huge problem guess what it compounds other problems like desync. Aim mechanics. Hit reg. If the strafe had a build up with player inertia and or some weight to it desync wouldn’t be so prevalent… it’s simple and before you say aim better just don’t even bother commenting on this post because you have no clue what you’re talking about…. 343 needs to address the strafe speed asap it would help a lot of compounding issues we are experiencing with the net code and would also even the 2 main inputs MnK and controller. Almost 90% of Mnk users have said that controller players have the advantage and that is because of the strafe speed. I am a controller player and I agree with the MnK players…


A movement mechanic change will not affect poor netcode and/or latency issues. It’s like putting a bandaid on broken ankle.

A change would be interesting, but you’d hardly see any benefit or impact if desync/latency is causing your target to rubber band out of your aim.

Couldn’t agree more :wink:


Had to make a new post because you were tired of being told you were wrong on the last post you made. So much for not being “ignorant”.


You do not need a new thread.