I’ll just leave this here, 343 take notes…


Bring back pre game lobbies… let us actually have a second to look at the stats and armour of our teammates and enemies and have some pre game banter.


I’ve never understood why they were removed in the first place. Whether we see the map or mode (which I think we should) at all before the game, it was a good way to judge what kind of players you had on your team whether it be new, veteran or w/e. Same with the enemy team.

I’d also like if the party up function from Halo 3 came back as well.

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The lack of pre-game lobbies (and profile pages with stats) was a truly baffling decision to me. Did they think that people would back out if they thought there teammates weren’t good enough based on the K/D ratio listed on their profile or something? Some people might do that, but as long as you set it up so that people can’t back out past a certain point on the pre-game loading without incurring a penalty for repeated quits, it wouldn’t be too much of an issue. Or was it more so a concern of people backing out because they didn’t like the map or gametype?

I’m more inclined to believe it was the latter, considering 343 seems hell bent on lumping as many gametypes as possible into a single playlist in order to make challenges harder for people to complete, so that they can sell more challenge swaps or whatever. It’s a real shame.

Or was it more so a concern of people backing out because they didn’t like the map or gametype?

Welp I already find myself backing out of games because it’ll refuse to put me in a match that actually relates to my challenges. Especially if I’m wasting a double xp… they really have designed the whole system to make completing them as tedious and slow as possible.

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