I Liked Social More When It Was Random...

Two playlists: one named “Social”, and the other “Ranked”. Yet, for some odd reason both are unbelievably sweaty. I don’t know about anyone else, but it really kills my urge to play this game when I know I’m gonna end every match with a ~1 K/D. Can we try to please players of all skill levels rather than essentially making the whole game a safe haven for people without thumbs? I get that they need their chill games too, but we hate having to sweat 24/7 as if we’re trying out for the Pro Circuit. We have a Ranked playlist; why can’t they just go there?

EDIT: Also wouldn’t mind having JIP (Join-In-Progress), and no penalties for quiting enabled for Social.

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> We have a Ranked playlist; why can’t they just go there?

Because there’s no ranked equivalent for most of what social offers. I could get on board with your argument if I could play ranked BTB or ranked 4v4 Halo CE. But, as long as that doesn’t exist, I’m all for skill matching in the Match Composer.

I have never ever played Halo and it wasn’t “sweaty”… I don’t know what Halo every one else was playing back in the day but every one no matter what playlist is always playing to win. There seems to be a common misconception that soical means easier games and that just isn’t so. You have to realize as well these are really old games and MCC is even considered old on the Xbox one. So the remaining population are going to be made of the die hard fans so the majority of the games are going to be filled with players who are really good at the game.

Honestly I relate I would say I’m an above average player on Xbox atleast on social playlists usually im mvp or second on my time 80% the time. On PC on Reach so far I’m barely able to not be last on the team. Idk if its cause I haven’t played reach in awhile or what. I think a part of the reason it feels so sweaty is I think were noticing the accuracy difference between Xbox and PC like Snipers and DMRs are sooooo much more effective on PC snipers on PC are almost OP even me I’m a dog -Yoink- sniper on Xbox but on PC i have gotten a couple overkills easy which I haven’t done on Halo in my 10 years of playing lol It might also be a bloom issue and reach definitely -Yoinks!- with me I’ve played all the halo’s and I find reach’s shooting experience not as crispy as the other games and kinda loose and sprayee like when reach came out people hated bloom I didn’t see why at the time(i was young and a noob) until I played more of the other halos and got good at their “point and shoot and thats it” style of shooting so it could be that too. Maybe when the other Halo games come to the PC we will found out if its reach specifically or Halo on PC in general

I think JIP works better went rejoining an existing game that has previously crashed/disconnected plus too many JIP games would lead to losing games and in many cases joining a game ends up being where the opposing team is cheating by spawn trapping.

I strongly feel penalties should be included for all playlists since it becomes a chore when having to deal with unbalanced match’s and becomes frustrating in any playlist.