I liked halo 5, the weapons, armor, characters, gameplay and more

if you bring any halo 5 stuff back in infinite please dont change anything too much, your changing it for people that will never like it while some people already like what it is so changing it makes everyone mad

id like you guys to experiment by adding locke armor as an armor core just to see how many people like and equip it then go from their adding more, if locke armor isnt popular enough then you can move on without adding anymore

the thing about halo 5 armor is alot of the multiplayer stuff was rushed and made as filler plus the lack of options while sets like the campaign armor sets are actually really nice looking especially with the under armor to match

give people what they want you have halo 3 fans halo reach fans and halo 5 fans all enjoying halo infinite and it is possible to make them all happy with options no one is being forced into anything its all optional


Halo 5 is superior too Halo Infinite in EVERY WAY
From story telling, Micro transactions, armor customization and gameplay.


thats just not true… i love the ideas of halo 5 but the gameplay was heavily nerfed i actually enjoyed the halo 5 beta more then the halo 5 game because the spartan abilities actually worked… in multiplayers the customisation i like is that the entire armor changed were in infinite and reach stuff like the leg and chest plate tend to stay the same but we only have 3 options helmet, body and visor so super lacking…

halo 5 actually had body types too


lol nice joke, halo 5 was horrible on gameplay… its was magnum game and that all… halo infinte is so much better.


The BR is now the magnum. It’s being used all the time in arena. So I don’t get your point. A starting weapon HAS to be a good weapon.


I loved the beta too but the spartan abilites worked on launch. In fact they were perfect. It was the lighting that was better in the beta


100% the lighting made the armor actually look like armor I think the sounds were better too…

If they gave us the beta build on PC I’d be playing it right now and what I ment was abilites like shoulder charge and ground punch were way stronger in the beta

If they did bring halo 5 to PC because infinite is out they can turn all the abilites up to 11 if you want spartan abilities you play 5 if you want classic you have infinite

Win win

I want a game that swings all the way in that direction. I want to move around like iron man but with parkour and thrusting and moving super fast. To bad people think stuff like that is only a gimmick. If it’s done right it could be great

Yes. If I can have the halo 5 better that’s all Id be playing. It’s my favorite gaming experice of all time. There was nothing like it when it came out


iv watches the halo 5 opening cut scene so many time just wishing we could do that in the actual game… imagine if you had those abilities in the halo infinite open world campaign

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so you don’t want to play Halo then, why didn’t you say that from the start?


i enjoy halo infinite… i just feel like a bird without wings… id like to be able to go play halo 5 but its not on PC and has been updated to not be what i want out of it everything fun was nerfed

currently the halo 5 beta > halo 5 release

Halo 5’s story telling was very “marvel-esque”, in fact the opening did nothing for me but remind me of the avengers.

Don’t get me wrong it was cool, but it’s story wouldn’t be classified as a good story


iv never watched the avengers so i guess that makes it so i can enjoy it more

If you enjoy those kind of movies watch them. Personally I don’t but just my opinion

I wouldn’t go that far with the cusotmizatoi as it was just helmet and the body like it was only 2 things that could be changed

I personally liked the weapon variants somthign that ifnitne is keeping seeing a weapon I used so many times having a version that fucintons diffrernly was defiantly a interresting thing defeinly made fiesta fun as hell


its factual tho… each set changes all the armor parts, in halo reach your chest plate stayed the same just with attachments to it

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but you couldn’t mix and match the solders the writs or the legs thats my point it was after a while bland

Too much armor in halo 5 was filler and made ugly, however yes it all changed, every individual piece like you can for h3 on MCC now, and how halo 4 allowed you to change all but the tech suit.


your right there too and i really hated that… i hope infinite makes armor universal and so we can change every little part of are armor… even the under armor by using armor cores so you could have the halo reach under armor with a halo 3 helmet and halo 5 chest plate