I like the Prophet's Bane.

Am I alone in this? I like it’s design. I like it for the reasons why everyone hates it: it’s bulkier, larger, and more unelegant. I find that brashness interesting, and plus, it probably is the sword The Arbiter killed Truth with (hence the name), except it’s transformed appearance in Halo 5 gives us insight into how 343 views Halo in general.
No sarcasm, I like it.

I like it too. I feel like it’ll look very cool with Arby’s new armour as well. Plus, I wreck with it on Truth. Once got a frenzy, drained the battery dry.

I like it, I just don’t like how damn bright it is.

I wonder if they made The Arbiter larger (in comparison to the Chief), thus the sword would fit him pretty well.