I like the progression of the fractures event, but it is very tedious

I’ve been trying to get the armor all day but I’m stuck because event challenges don’t appear constantly and on top of that the normal challenges that appear are very tedious. for example there is one about completing 3 CTF matches and in the whole day only 2 appeared and and tried in all the playlists. and on top of that I no longer have those things to exchange challenges that cost me so much to achieve. If I may make a suggestion, you should leave a separate challenge section for the event, and that you are only rotating event challenges in that section and if you don’t want to make things so easy for us you could double the requirement to complete them for example, if asks you to kill 10 enemy spartans that now asks for 20

Sorry if it is not understood, I had to use the google translator because my English is not very good

I agree with the separate event challenge list.

When I played with a friend we had to keep going in and out of Fiesta mode to take out other challenges in order for an event challenge to pop up.

It killed some of the fun we had working on event challenges in the Fiesta mode which we both loved.