I like how the Banished use all kinds of weapons

Compared to the Covis, this adds a nice mix in combat diversity since many of the adds can use whatever weapon regardless of which faction they are from.

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They may have not had much of a choice considering they’ve had to scavage weapons, though with the defeat of the Covenant I imagine their weapon stockpiles will get alot bigger.

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Whatever the lore reason is, it’s still cool from a gameplay point of view. To me at least.

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I mean this sandbox is probably the smallest in a Halo game since probably Halo 2. I havent actually counted all the guns, but its definitely a tiny sandbox, so its really no wonder that theyre using different faction guns. But thats already been a thing. Go rev up Halo 2, and youll see brutes wielding UNSC shotguns. And in Reach you can get mowed down by an Elite who decided to comandeer a warthog chaingun. 343 didnt really do anything special here. Going back to the sandbox, they actually really messed it up tbh.

What I don’t understand is why the humans aren’t heavily armed with alien tech and weapons when they can apparently clone the weapons in the most dire circumstances without even capturing the weapon… Makes no sense that they have only used bullets against their energy shields all this time.

Lore wise I think it because the UNSC forces are on the hardcore losing end so they have less chances to stockpile the enemy weapons. Gameplay wise the marines usually pickup and use enemy weapons when they are rescued. I have even seen both UNSC and Banished adds drop their weapons and pick up another weapon off of dead enemies regardless of what faction they are associated with.