I like Halo 4 but there are things I miss

Halo 4 has it’s problems but I do like it. But there things I really miss, I just completed the Halo 3 campaign again and I just can’t help that I miss some of the old halo music in Halo 4. I understand that 343 want to put it’s name on halo and tries to create something that belongs to them and I’m totally fine with that but they could at least throw a few old soundtracks. While playing Halo 3 again I noticed the brilliant old soundtracks again and it made me realise that music like that is really lacking in halo 4. I also think it’s it’s stupid that 343 didn’t decide to put the “never forget” sountrack in the war games menu.

However it’s not only music , I also miss a few characters from the older Halo games like Lord Hood and Thel’vadam. Why don’t we get to see Lord Hood at the end of the Halo 4 campaign. Or why don’t we get a more detailed explanation that the Storm Covenant is not part of Arby’s group.

I know I’m kina late to this but replaying the old halo game again made me actually realise this. What do you think of this?

Btw, The halo 3 warthog run music is giving me so much nostalgia :smiley:

I agree. There are a lot of things I like about Halo 4, but I think it misses the mark in a few important ways.

My main complaint is in the gameplay. Previously, there were a few power weapons that everyone tried to control, while the remaining weapons all had a counter-weapon that balanced out the game. When you came across someone in matchmaking, you could engage them in a fight that would last for a few seconds, and the way that you fought them depended on the weapon each of you had. If you were out-gunned, you could try to run.
There were options in a fight that brought some strategy and skill into the game.

In Halo 4, it seems like everyone has some type of power weapon that vaporizes you in an instant. The number of quality scrums has disappeared, and the game feels way too much like COD. Throw in the “ordinance” factor and the game has lost its competitive feel. It almost feels cartoonish.

I think this is case where they forgot that sometimes less is more.

I also miss the music. It really elevated the mood of the game.