I like Halo 4, a fan boy story

I like it,

even though i get some random teammates who will take the sniper, not using the sniper at all, taking the gauss warthog and crash it into a tank. (losing the gauss and the sniper all at once…)

And that would like to take the sniper, miss every single shot, and betray you for the next sniper.

The game where i can’t kill a single person in 1vs1 because my shotgun is weaker than a boltshot. (i’ll upload a genius video to my fileshare.)

The game where mantis/banshee users get plasma stunned by their own team.

Maybe this one is new to you folks. Get pushed out of cover by a teammate. (stupid physics)

Dmr’s on every ridge, (honorable metion: 2+ people. DMR. it is a amazing combo.)

All this has happend to me, but then. I think how much i like halo, and how much worse other games are.

If you are a true pro, you can kill the enemy with any weapon. No matter how bad your team is, you know what you have to do.

And thats about it, I like the game, i got the Light rifle to level 7 first, and i’m proud of it. (covie carbine is next.)

Guys, in my opinion, you are a true “pro” if you can kill the enemy with any weapon.

Thats my motto, my way of the spartan(=P)

What the hell??

lol You make the game seem really bad for a fanboy…

I’m just trying to prove this, its what you make out of the game yourself,

In halo reach, i would take the plasma repeater, concussion rifle just for fun.

Here in Halo 4 i wanted to use weapons nobody uses as well, And prove that they are not worthless, it depends on how you use them. (and yes i use all the other weapons as well.)

The game itself is not bad, the community on the ohter hand, got worse and worse.

Look at me K/d’s i know people don’t really care about K/D but just pointing it out.

Some things to help you guys out:

1, You die alot?
Don’t jump into combat, learn the game before you become the hero.
(did you think masterchief was the hero he is, before his training?)

2, That weapon is so overpowerd.
Running into a power weapon is not a good idea (boltshot / DMr included)
(Your approach is not the best way if you die because of overpowerd weapons. Learn to avoid them, lure them out)

3, your sniper gets stolen?(or any other starting power weapons or vehicle?)
It happens, sometimes all the power weapons and vehicles are gone, and you’ll have to do with your starting weapons.
(your team needs you.)

4, You lose the match but your a 20kills - 1 death? situation?
You are still a bad teammate, look at the person that is killing your team. Take him out!
(Maybe its just me, but in my case, i am always the only one taking that responsibility, it is getting annoying. If the whole team were to help, the job is done much faster.)

5, winning and slaying the enemy is not satisfying?
Like i stated in the OP, pick a weapon that makes it hard to kill the enemy, and makes it challenging.
(Yay, my team wins by picking Ragnarok(valhalla, or whatever). All the campers on the hill.)

I hope that people will actually read this, and think about it.