I like everything i see except

Prometean vison

I watch the e3 mlg videos on waypoint the one player had it on every few seconds which in my opinion it breaks the game and become replacement for armor lock something that everyone use over and over i dont want to see that happen again

I know that it s still a work in progress and hope that footage was a custom game with it on fast recharge or something if it isnt in that case maybe a little longer recharge time not to long that it becomes useless but not to short to make it over powered

That my only complaint

I only rear my ugly head once in awhile when something just does seem right about somethig

Oh 343 good job so far

please dont judge my spelling i suck at it lol

I like the Promethean Vision, it can work to see enemies camping around corners.

yes i know but it works both ways if im camper with a shotgun or other i can see people coming as well i guess we’ll see nov 6 this is my only concern

Gooby pls